About EZ Padders

Sometimes an idea just makes sense. While we may make it look “EZ”, only a lifetime of working on pipelines could create such a revolutionary method to filter the spoil pile from a trencher to place padding/bedding material back into trenches so effectively.

The EZ Padder concept literally came into being on a Sunday afternoon while studying the problem of how to get enough padding for a line located in really rocky conditions without having to haul in costly foreign material.

But how does one remove rock from a trencher’s spoil pile efficiently? What happens if there is so much rock that there is not enough material left over to meet the inspector’s approval? When does the hauling in of foreign material prove too costly? Does having a machine dedicated solely to padding make good business sense?

With these types of business challenges in mind, the EZ Padder concept was developed. Utilizing fewer moving parts to reduce maintenance and increase equipment life, material was “screened” to remove rocks to conform to any specifications and mounted on a dozer that could be quickly turned back into its original purpose.

The first design was turned into a working prototype (that is still padding today)! That first EZ Padder was literally an instant success and turned a normally costly process into a productive, “EZ” solution and a very profitable business padding pipelines for pipeliners was born.

In the nearly 20 years since that first EZ Padder was developed, innovations, such as  the optional rock crusher attachment, have been driven thru actual field usage to improve the patented design. The modern EZ Padder can be mounted to any make of dozer and has reached a point where most companies who have invested in this productivity enhancing solution have seen it pay for itself in the first project and become a valuable profit center for the future.

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